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Month: January, 2012

Relaxing in Deck Chairs

Postcard bought at a flea market in London.

The postcard was worse for wear but I liked the image and the lady in the background.

No message other than: Uncle & Brother

Young lady reading a book

Cabinet Card bought at a camera fair in Wolverhampton.

No message on the reverse just a more detailed version of the photographers design at the bottom of this image which reads:

Photographers Heath & Bullingham, 24 George Street, Plymouth.


Old Man at his window ledge

Old man at his window ledge

Scanned from a carte-de-visite or visiting card.

No message on the back just the studio name

Ladysmith Studio, Polstoe Park, Exeter

I appreciate the details in this photograph

the plant, fabric, the watch chain and the window inside the house with a glimpse of containers on the shelf behind.

Dear Ems

A postcard bought at a car boot sale near Dudley.

Dated July 19th 1906.

The postcard Reads: Dear Ems, Thanks for the card + paper, we are having very dull

weather now, it makes us all down on our luck. Hope things are looking up your way,

and a bit brighter for you all. Best love from us all Mum x

Dear Mrs Lancaster

An old postcard bought at Spitalfields Market, London

No date, but the message reads: Dear Mrs Lancaster, if you can’t come

to the house, why the house has come to see you and also queenie.

With love from an old tired Jack Yours Truly Annie