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Breathing new life into lost photographs

Month: April, 2012

Couple in their Sunday best

I bought this cabinet card from a camera fair in Wolverhampton, the card had no message other than the photographers details:

James Bacon and Sons, Art Photographers, 81 Northumberland Street, Newcastle on Tyne. Additional copies of this photograph may

be obtained at any time by quoting the number below. High class miniatures on ivory and carbon pictures on porcelain can be

executed from this photograph.

Young lady with cat

Young lady with cat.

Photograph bought at a car boot sale and printed on Kodak Velox paper which together with the ladies dress/hair indicates the photo is pre 1950’s.

There is no message on the back however this is one of my favourites.

Much of the image is out of focus, but the expression on the ladies face, the cat looking away and the gent walking into the image all make it special.

Do you know who this is?

Postcard selected from an album of old photographs purchased on ebay.

No date on this one just a brief message:

 Do you know who this is? He is sending it to you.