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Month: June, 2012

For dear Grandmama

A carte-de-visite (visiting card) bought from a photography fair.

The Photographer is S.Harris, Wigton and the message on the reverse reads:

For dear Grandmama from her Grand Children July 14th 1866 Wigton

No one is smiling in the photograph, perhaps because they needed to hold the pose for some time?

Three ladies and a gentleman

Bought at Dudley Car Boot sale a few weeks ago. This tin type photograph was heading for a landfill site before the gentleman I bought it from saved it.

This is the first tin type I have bought, it does not have any details of the photographer or the sitters.

The image has a wonderful softness to it and I like the lady’s bowler hat!

Nine Ladies Leaping

Postcard bought at a car boot sale near Dudley.

The postcard does not contain any other information about the date or who the ladies in the photograph were.

The gentleman I bought them from told me they had been thrown in a skip and he had rescued them.

I wonder how many attempts were needed to get all the ladies in the air?

Their costumes look as though they might have been professional dancers.


I bought this postcard on ebay.

The card has just one word other than the addressee on the reverse Family.

The front of the card reads Morrell, Bridge St, Llanfyllin 

The family all look quite serious for this portrait.

It seems to have been sent to  the local Blacksmith and reads Mr D Williams, Blacksmith, Llanfyllin, Wales but doesn’t have a postmark so may have been given it to the Mr Williams.