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Month: July, 2012

Young man in his bathing costume

I bought this carte-de-visite from a camera fair in Wolverhampton, the photograph does not contain any other information but will probably date from around the turn of the 19th century.

It’s unusual for two reasons, the young man is in his bathing costume rather than more formal dress and it seems to have been taken outside rather than in a studio.

After watching the swimmers at the London 2012 Olympics this weekend it does seem that swimming costume have changed just a bit!

23rd September 1929

This postcard was bought as part of a collection from ebay , the only message on the reverse reads:

23rd September 1929, Esther Wood

At first I thought it was a wedding photo but now I’m not so sure.

I like the smiling lady whose head we can see but not her body, she is stood at the back of the photo near the centre.

Family at the seaside in Weymouth

Postcard bought as a collection from ebay.

No message on the back other than Chambers Kiosk, Weymouth, for further copies quote No 7270.

Hard to tell the exact date but from searching the internet it looks as if this kiosk was in use 1910-1930s.

The family all seem to be having having fun especially the chap at the back and most of them are smiling!

I have a few more photos of this family which I will post here soon….

Deck chairs & hats

Postcard bought at a car boot sale near Dudley a few weeks ago.

The only detail on the reverse is BM’TH 1930 which could be Barmouth or Bournemouth.

This photograph like many group shots is interesting because of the people especially at the edges such as the children bottom and top left.

If this was taken in the summer the weather must have been either cold or wet as most of them have their hats and coats on!