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Month: October, 2012

Two ladies, a gentleman & a motorcycle

Bought at an Antiques Fair in Kinver this photograph is only 2″ square and is printed on a fragile photo paper, I thought I better scan it before it was lost or damaged.

The composition of the photograph is beautiful.

The registration on the motorcycle is either BDI 437 or BD1437, I did look on the internet but couldn’t find any information on this reg.

No information on the back of this one but I think it was 50p well spent!

Don’t know where was at the time…

I bought this postcard from an Antiques Fair in Kinver.

The card has two messages on the back, the first written in black ink reads

‘ Don’t know where was at the time, with us I expect’ which doesn’t make much sense to me!

The second message written in pencil (added at  a later date)  reads ‘ Dad with cap on and collar & tie’,

there are at least three men who fit the description but I suppose whoever wrote the message knew which one Dad was.

It looks as if the group are watching something in the opposite direction as some of the party are looking towards the camera and others away from it.

Dapper Gentleman in his Sunday Best

Daper Gentleman in his Sunday best

This Cabinet Card was bought from a Camera Fair in Wolverhampton.

The photograph was taken at South Beach, Blackpool by T. Tufnell Thompson.

This image mesmerized me, perhaps because the subject is staring so directly into the camera lens.

The details such as the gentleman’s pocket watch chain, buttons and hankerchief also add to the photograph.

Turn of the Century Teddyboy

Scanned from a carte-de-visite which I bought this morning at a camera fair at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton.

The reverse of the card reads:  J T Mathias, Fato Prudentia Major,  Jeweller & Photographer, Cardigan. Copies can be had on application.

Although I searched the internet I was unable to obtain an accurate translation of the phrase above.

This chaps hairstyle and beard are fantastic, his hairstyle reminded me of the Teddy boys.