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Month: April, 2013

Uncle Joe



I bought this postcard at a Car Boot Sale in my home town of Wellington yesterday.

The card reads ” Uncle Joe – Great Pidgeon Flier”

The gentleman I bought the card from seemed to think the family came from Broseley.

Uncle Joe doesn’t look very pleased with the trophies and medals his pigeons won for him!


I’m twenty one to-day

Postcard bought from an antique fair in Stafford with a collection of other photos.

This image was instantly my favourite and the message on the reverse was a bonus:

“I’m twenty one to-day.”

I wonder which of these ladies was celebrating her Birthday?


Horndean 1935 Part II

horndean part ii

Another postcard from the boys at Horndean 1935.

The card reads ‘ Horndean 1935, L to R ‘Dave’ Davidson-‘Baron’ Stratford-‘Pony’ Moore-‘Mick’ Macguire (God’s Gift)’.

They wore their trousers high back in the 30’s!

 ‘Pony’ Moore was the only gentleman shown in this image and the cycling shot from a few weeks ago.