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Month: May, 2013

Lady & gentleman at a windmill

This small photograph ( 2 x 4 “) was bought from an antiques shop in Brick Lane, London on Bank Holiday Monday (27th May 2013).

The photograph has no information on the reverse although it seems that the couple have cycled to the windmill.

The details in this shot are interesting such as the ladies handbag at a jaunty angle and the bicycle wheels overlapping.

Bradford Grammar School Staff

This  8x 6 inch framed photograph was found at a car boot sale in my home town of Wellington, Shropshire.

The back of the reads:

Bradford Grammar School Staff July 1939

The Photographer’s name is signed on the front Walter Scott Bradford.

The front row must have been asked to polish their (identical) shoes as they are gleaming.

Wilson & Mrs W. Hoskin

Postcard bought from an Antiques Fair in Kinver last Sunday.

The back of the image doesn’t contain any information although the photograph shows the names of the people who lived at the properties in the windows above the doors.

Wilson , 7 Laurel Bank and Mrs W.Hoskin 5.

There is also another address at the top of the photo which reads 5 Noyna

I like the mixture of expressions on their faces and the few who have moved appearing like ghosts.

Unfortunately Laurel Bank is quite a common address and a search of google streetview hasn’t provided me with match.


I bought this small photograph (just over 2 x 3 “) and a few others from Wolverhampton Books & Collectables

No message or information on the reverse of this one.

I love the details in this image; the boy standing directly in front of the man, the subjects being off centre,

the cigarette  and part of their reflection on the wet floor.