lost and found

Breathing new life into lost photographs

Month: July, 2013


Small photograph held in a silver frame, bought from a car boot sale. I wasn’t sure at first whether the subject was a lady or a gent. Is she a nun? The sun is reflecting off the cross round her neck. No information on the reverse this time.

Wedding Day

wedding lady and girl

This small photograph was found at a car boot sale on the Rabbit Run near Telford.

The beautiful lady in the image looks as if she is getting married and reminded me of my Nan when she was younger.

The younger girl doesn’t seem so happy about posing for a photograph.

It was only after I had scanned this image that I spotted the person crouched down behind them.

There was an address on the reverse but it was difficult to decipher.

It looks like 59 Pourwell Crescent, Colcestershire although having looked on the internet I have been unable to match any part of the address or find a matching shire.