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Month: April, 2020

Me & the sewing girls boy

Me & The Sewing Girls Boy

This small photograph was bought from a car boot sale near Dudley, West Midlands a few years ago. It measures just over 2 x 3″ and is printed on Gevaert paper. The seller thought it was taken during the 2nd World War. The reverse reads in pencil ‘Me & the sewing girls boy Wiwg Wah’ I have been unable to find Wiwg Wah, it could be a misspelling. The details of the photograph are interesting, the boy without his shoes and his jumper slanting down at the bottom.

To Mother & Dad

To Mother & Dad

I can’t remember where I found this postcard but it made me smile. We are unable to visit the seaside at the moment, staying safely at home because of Covid19, so I thought I would bring the seaside to you. I liked the informality of this family portrait, the deck chair caught by the wind and everything else going on in the background of this image. It was taken in Teignmouth by Holiday Snaps and simply reads To Mother & Dad Aug 21/8/30.

Ajaccio July 31

Ajaccio July 31

The crate digging has been paused because of the Covid-19 crisis so this postcard was found through virtual digging on ebay. It was delivered by one of our key workers from the Royal Mail together with three other images to follow… A simple but beautifully posed image; on the reverse, written in a stylish hand is the location and date the photograph was taken Ajaccio July 31. I think the gentleman is holding a pipe in his hand.