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J.Kornweiss New York

I bought this photograph yesterday. I decided to take a different way home from work and spotted a book sale at a shop which was closing down. This cabinet card was lodged within a pile of modern postcards. No information on the reverse but the photographers name and address is shown below the photograph: J.Kornweiss, 151 Rivington St, New York. As you can see 151 Rivington Street is now a sake bar. I also found another blog called forgotten New York with information relating to the history of Rivington Street, many Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe lived in this part of the city. J.Kornweiss had a studio at 155 Rivington Road at some time (perhaps moving for larger premises?) because the National Museum of the American Jewish History holds several portraits.

Malvern Ladies

Fancy Dress Ladies 1

I bought this large (13 x 7″) cabinet type card from a car boot sale several years ago, it had suffered some damage with a crack running vertically through the middle of the image and a corner missing from the card. The photographer’s name is printed on the card Norman May & Co Ltd Malvern. According to Angus and Rosemary’s blog Norman May died 19th June 1889 (aged only 37) which helps to date the image. Although it is a formal photograph I liked that it was taken outside and a few of the girls have moved during the exposure causing a little blur. Perhaps it was a summer fair? Sadly no information on the reverse.

Rev G and Mrs Leese’s Christmas Greetings

Rev G

Apologies, I haven’t posted for a while. This cabinet card measures 6.25 x 4.25 “, I can’t remember where I found this one. No information on the reverse although the front of this foxed image tells us the sitter and photographer’s names.

I couldn’t trace Rev G/Mrs Leese although S.K. Lawton & Co Photo seems to match the approximate age of this photograph and was probably taken in Sri Lanka.

Profile of a Young Lady


Lady w m salmon

Cabinet Card bought from Kinver Antiques Fair. My eye was drawn to this image immediately, the soft focus around the edges, the foxing and the beautiful details on the dress. It was taken by W M Salmon of London Street, Reading; unfortunately no information on the young lady herself.

Texas Mo

I can’t remember where I bought this Cabinet Card from but this gentleman seemed perfect to start another Movember season.

The photographer’s name is M. Hughes – Gallery East Side Market Plaza, Gonzales Texas.

 March 1893 is the only information on the reverse of this one in pencil.

I’m taking part in Movember for the second year, my effort so far.

Coiffed Hair and Mo to Match

Cabinet card bought at a camera fair in Wolverhampton.

My final post for the month of Movember.

This chap has a wonderful moustache and a hair style which mirrors his mo style!

The photographer was Virgil Whalley, 352 Leeds Road, Nelson.

My work mates and I have raised over £400 so far, day  1-21 of my progress can be seen on YouTube.

Los Angeles Cowboy



Cabinet Card bought at Kinver Antiques Fair.

The Photographers name is: Edouart & Son, 121 S Spring Street, Los Angeles.

I am taking part in my first Movember and thought this gentlemen was sporting a splendid example,

I wonder if his face itched as much as mine does at the moment!

Not sure if he is a Cowboy or not, perhaps the hat isn’t big enough?

Dapper Gentleman in his Sunday Best

Daper Gentleman in his Sunday best

This Cabinet Card was bought from a Camera Fair in Wolverhampton.

The photograph was taken at South Beach, Blackpool by T. Tufnell Thompson.

This image mesmerized me, perhaps because the subject is staring so directly into the camera lens.

The details such as the gentleman’s pocket watch chain, buttons and hankerchief also add to the photograph.

December 1900

Cabinet card bought at a Camera fair, the only information on the reverse is December 1900.

This beautiful young lady has such a calm expression on her face.

The photographer was called Davis with studios at 16 Princes Street, Edinburgh and 52 West Nile Street Glasgow.

Couple in their Sunday best

I bought this cabinet card from a camera fair in Wolverhampton, the card had no message other than the photographers details:

James Bacon and Sons, Art Photographers, 81 Northumberland Street, Newcastle on Tyne. Additional copies of this photograph may

be obtained at any time by quoting the number below. High class miniatures on ivory and carbon pictures on porcelain can be

executed from this photograph.