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A.Lami Etienne Restaurant

I won this postcard on a well know auction site. Some of the subjects are eating, wearing napkins and/or holding items. I love the worn out building, the clothes the subjects are wearing and that their pose isn’t too formal. Although there is no information on the reverse, the photo itself provides information on the business name and that the building is a corner plot. I discovered a business with a similar name and shape (Cafe Etienne) in Paris. Although the physical structure of the building must have had a facelift it could be the same location. What do you think?

Toothless Mirth

My friend Sheila generously donated two albums to my collection. The image above is one of many documenting family life in Bessacarr, a surburb of Doncaster (although Shropshire is also featured). All the photographs have been meticulously mounted and titled; this one reads ‘Toothless Mirth’ and measures 4.25 x 3.25″. They family seem to be having fun, I’m not sure what the lady in the middle is balancing on! The photographs on this page of the album are dated 1918.

31 Mrs Eddershaw

I bought this postcard online, no information on the reverse but we have Mrs Eddershaw’s name and house number within the photograph. I liked the composition, the two couples & the chap at the top of the steps. The ladies and gentlemen also have matching shoes.

Old school social distancing

Social distancing old school

I bought this postcard a few years ago, sadly no information on the back of the postcard.  Their distance from each other is unusual but topical. Perhaps neighbours and not relatives which would explain the distance, the two doors on the photograph could be to separate properties.