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Young lady with hat and scarf


Photobooth image of a young lady in hat and scarf

I found this photograph on a well known auction site, the listing described it as 1920’s. The image measures 1.5 x 2″ and looks as though it is a photobooth image but could have been taken in a studio. I liked that the young lady is looking away from the camera, no information on the reverse.

Photobooth Lady & Gent

photobooth lady and gent

Photobooth image of a lady and gentleman. No information on the reverse of this photograph. Unusual as neither are looking directly at the camera.

Two ladies and a Photo Booth

This set of photographs was kindly kept for me by a smallholder at my local car boot sale.

He knows that I collect old photographs and had hung onto this set from last year.

No information on the reverse but they had fun, back then the Photo Booths took four different images.

Judging by the clothes I would say the photographs date from the 1960s or 70s.

The two ladies look alike, perhaps they were  mother and daughter?

Barry Island Photobooth No3

The 3rd and final photobooth image from Barry Island measures 1.5 x 3.25″.

I wouldn’t like to cross this chap, he looks like a character from a spy film!

Link to images 1 and 2

Barry Island Photobooth No1

Barry island 1

This tiny Photobooth image (1.5 x 3.25″)  was bought at Wolverhampton Camera Fair last weekend with two others.

No information on the reverse although the front of the photograph provides the date – June 10th 1935, the location – Barry Island and the weight of the sitter 18 stone and 2 pounds (although the gentleman in the photo looks quite slim!).

I haven’t seen photobooth/seaside images with the sitters weight included, perhaps someone else can tell me more…

20th Feb 1929

Bought at a Car Boot Sale Near Dudley UK.

No message on the back just a date 20th Feb 1929. 

The photos are also pre-printed Auto Portraits which may have been an early photobooth.