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Young Lady & Her Cat

young lady and her cat_0001

This postcard dropped through my letterbox this morning, I bought it from ebay at the weekend. No information on the sitter or the cats name but I thought it was a lovely image.


Colley’s Music Stores

Colley's Store

This small photograph (2.25 x 3.25″) was found at an antiques fair. It looks as though many of the people shown in the photograph were employed on the buses. I’m not sure where Colley’s Music Store was/is, perhaps you know?

Thank you to Katherine Griffiths who found Colley’s Music Store in an old newspaper. Following Katherine’s lead I found an advert in the British newspaper archives, the store was having a closing down sale shown in the Daily Mail on April 10th 1933. The address of the store was also shown 59 Anlaby Road, Hull. 

Family picnic


Another Shropshire antique shop find, this photograph measures 3 1/4 x 5 1/4. No information on the reverse. A wonderful image capturing a family outing complete with the gentleman in his bed. There is a lot going, the ladies sitting back to back, the young man smoking his pipe and the man lying down (bottom right).


Villagers Dancing

villagers dancingAnother find from an antique fair, the photograph measures 3.5 x 2.5″.  The reverse reads ‘Villagers dancing Tintagel Sept 1928′ . The lady in the foreground dominates this image and seems to be walking with the stick. I loved the composition and the movement of the dancers. It’s another photo where the more you look around the more you spot!

Waiting for the driver…

Waititng for the driver

This small photograph (3 x 4″) was bought from an antiques shop in Shropshire a few weeks ago. The only information on the reverse is the print type ‘Rose Magna Print’ which I believe were produced during the 1940’s. Although much of the image is out of focus I was drawn to the unusual pose of the young lady with her head poking out of the window. The photograph captures alot, the more you look around the more you spot e.g. the mans shoes creeping in from the left edge and the chemist at the top of the image. I thought this was a wedding photograph but I might be wrong. Some detective work from the car registration told me that the car is a 1939 MG 1292cc in Green which also helps to date the photograph.

A Shopping Trip

lady-and-gent-shoppingThis small photograph (2.5×4.25″) just has the date it was taken on the reverse ‘ August 1924’. The lady seems to be selecting a new umbrella, I’m unsure what the man on the left is holding, although it could be camping equipment.

Observatory Station


This small photograph (3×2″) found at an antiques fair has a clue to the location it was taken. ‘Observatory Station, you may already have one of these.’ A search of the internet turned up an Observatory Station in Cape Town South Africa which does have an electrified railway line. The two gentlemen wearing trilby hats in the foreground /background are striking similar poses and almost everyone in the photograph is wearing a hat.

Drinking from a straw



Bought yesterday at an antiques fair, this was my only purchase. The photograph Measures 2.25 x 3.5″ and has perforated edges. The girl and boy in the image are so focused on their drinks that they are oblivious to the photographer and camera.

Bowler Hat at the Beach


I bought this small photograph (2 x 3″) at an antique fair in Kinver, Staffordshire a while ago.

This is the sort of image I love to find, fragile and faded it looks as though it could be lost forever.  The man in the bowler hat is not really dressed for the beach. No information on the reverse of this one.

Mr Ollenbache my friend

two gentlemen on motorcycles

Bought from an antiques centre in Whitchurch Shropshire this week, this photograph measures 4 x 2.5 inches.

The message on the reverse reads:

Mr Ollenbache my friend & myself on our motor cycles, notice the house on the hill in the back ground, the other snaps are of this house.” 

Sadly I don’t have the other snaps but they seem to be having fun riding their motor cycles and sidecars.