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The Bike Race

Black and white photograph showing a cyclist going up a hill and another coming down, people are watching them cycle up/down a path.

I found this small photograph (4.25 x 3.25″) on ebay and thought I would post it as the 2022 Tour-de-France enters it’s final days. This race looks organised, but not in the same league as the tour. Several cyclists are racing and there is even someone checking their camera bottom left. No information on the other side of the photograph.

Haystack Portrait

Small photograph showing two smartly dressed gentlemen standing in top/bowler hats and holding clay pipes. There are two ladies sitting in front of them, also wearing hats and in elegant gowns. They are all stood in front of a haystacks or possibly a barn.

I can’t remember where I found this small photograph (4 x 2.75 “) and sadly there is no information on the reverse. I thought the photo had been taken against a haystack but there seems to be a roof, so perhaps a hay store or barn. The subjects are all smartly dressed and look very serious! I thought the gentlemen were holding canes until I scanned the image into the computer, they are holding clay pipes. From the pipes and the clothes the image probably dates from the early 19th century.

Xmas with greetings from all at Craiggowan 1901

Photograph from 1901 showing a decorated christmas tree with head photo portraits of various people hung on the tree.

I found this carte-de-visite many years ago (I can’t remember where!) and kept it for a Christmas post or as this card says Xmas. I think the X has been clipped when they produced the card but it can be just seen on the edge of the original.

I searched for Craiggowan and found various results but the only one that made any sense was the Queen’s estate in Balmoral and the Craig Gowan lodge used by visitors to her Royal Highness. Perhaps they were guest or even staff?

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you : )

Lady riding a motorcycle

I’m not sure where I found this tiny photograph 1.75 x 2.5″ and there is no information on the reverse. It looks as though it’s been taken in the alley behind a row of terraced houses. I wonder if the people in the archway are the ladies family or just the neighbours having a nose? Most of the image is out of focus but I still love it because it tells a story and it looks as if she is actually riding the motorbike!

Louvain, le 8 Septembre 1908

louvain le 8 sept

I bought this photograph from a seller on ebay, it is surface mounted on a small card frame and measures 3.5 x 2.25″. The reverse, written in a beautiful hand reads Louvain, le 8 septembre 1908.’ I was drawn to the image because of the unusual composition, the subjects are grouped together but with a mixture of poses and most of them seem to be smoking.

The football match

Found photograph, posed footballers formal early twentieth century

I bought this postcard from an antiques fair several years ago and thought I better post before it completely fades away! Not sure of the year although the boots and football suggested early 1900s. The team are in the foreground with the fans behind which is quite unusual and no ladies to be seen.

Xmas 1945 Hamburg

This postcard sized photograph was found at a car boot several years ago. The only information on the reverse reads ‘Xmas 1945 Hamburg’. They look as though they are patiently waiting for their Christmas dinner. I’m not sure whether they are British or American but the gentleman closest to the camera has a shoulder patch which might provide a clue…

Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for your likes and comments. I do hope you are able to see some of your friends and family during the holidays and I wish you a happier 2021.

Malvern Ladies

Fancy Dress Ladies 1

I bought this large (13 x 7″) cabinet type card from a car boot sale several years ago, it had suffered some damage with a crack running vertically through the middle of the image and a corner missing from the card. The photographer’s name is printed on the card Norman May & Co Ltd Malvern. According to Angus and Rosemary’s blog Norman May died 19th June 1889 (aged only 37) which helps to date the image. Although it is a formal photograph I liked that it was taken outside and a few of the girls have moved during the exposure causing a little blur. Perhaps it was a summer fair? Sadly no information on the reverse.

Family and their horse

Family Horse

I bought this postcard yesterday from a table top sale in my home town of Wellington,  Telford. I sorted through hundreds of cards and chose this one because the position of the people seemed so unusual. Are showing how proud they are of their horse or perhaps ownership of a horse was a status symbol? There was no information on the other side of the card to give me any clues.

Young Lady & Her Cat

young lady and her cat_0001

This postcard dropped through my letterbox this morning, I bought it from ebay at the weekend. No information on the sitter or the cats name but I thought it was a lovely image.