lost and found

Breathing new life into lost photographs

Drinking from a straw



Bought yesterday at an antiques fair, this was my only purchase. The photograph Measures 2.25 x 3.5″ and has perforated edges. The girl and boy in the image are so focused on their drinks that they are oblivious to the photographer and camera.

Bowler Hat at the Beach


I bought this small photograph (2 x 3″) at an antique fair in Kinver, Staffordshire a while ago.

This is the sort of image I love to find, fragile and faded it looks as though it could be lost forever.  The man in the bowler hat is not really dressed for the beach. No information on the reverse of this one.

Blackpool Portrait


Bought at a flea market in Shrewsbury last week this card is a little smaller than a carte-de-visite measuring 2 x3.5″. The reverse of the card reads: Panel Portrait by J. P. Bamber Conway Galleries, 69, Church Street, Blackpool. Repeat copies of this photograph and enlargements may be had at any time.

Wrestling with sheep

Two gents and sheep

Another postcard, I’m unsure where I picked this one up.

I liked the photograph because of the movement and the overall composition. A closer looks shows the younger man smiling, the older man is well turned out wearing a scarf, hat and jacket.

The names on the back are Lewis Lewis and Tom Davies.

Perhaps they were shearing the sheep as it seems to have a full coat.

Two men in a boat

two men in a boat

This carte-de-viste (cdv) was bought at a vintage fair near Shrewsbury.

The photographer was T.Keig, Prospect Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Neither of the unidentified gentlemen seem to be very happy about having their photograph taken. This is the only cdv I have where the subjects are posing in a boat scene.

Profile of a Young Lady


Lady w m salmon

Cabinet Card bought from Kinver Antiques Fair. My eye was drawn to this image immediately, the soft focus around the edges, the foxing and the beautiful details on the dress. It was taken by W M Salmon of London Street, Reading; unfortunately no information on the young lady herself.

Photograph on the steps


Postcard bought from Kinver Antiques Fair just over a week ago.

Sadly no information on the reverse but the image has so much going on; the little girl holding her Sister’s hand on the right, the men in hats near the top of the image, the buckets and spades the children are holding…

Mom in black

Mom in Black

The only information written on the back of this postcard is:  ‘Mom in black, third row, second in from right’.

The sign behind the group reads Elamara but otherwise this one is a mystery…

Mr Ollenbache my friend

two gentlemen on motorcycles

Bought from an antiques centre in Whitchurch Shropshire this week, this photograph measures 4 x 2.5 inches.

The message on the reverse reads:

Mr Ollenbache my friend & myself on our motor cycles, notice the house on the hill in the back ground, the other snaps are of this house.” 

Sadly I don’t have the other snaps but they seem to be having fun riding their motor cycles and sidecars.

John Dent & Nicholas in the garden

John and nicholas

Small photograph measuring  3 x 3.75  inches.

The reverse reads ‘ John Dent & Nicholas Saidena at The Avenue – Penn – W’ton. Home of Edwin Lewis (Olive Dent’s Father).’

The photograph was bought at a car boot sale.

It looks as though John and Nicholas are watering plants in their matching aprons.