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Garden Family Photo No1

This small photograph was bought with a handful of others from a car boot sale at Worfield (near Bridgnorth, Shropshire), the photos all show different members of the family in the same garden.

This one Measures 2.25 x 3.25″ and has no message on the reverse.

The young  lady has a beautiful face and the dog has managed to stayed still in a rather awkward position.

Round the Isle of Wight

This postcard was bought from a car boot on the rabbit run near Telford yesterday.

The handwritten message on the back reads:

Sep 16th/26, Round the Isle of Wight 

and the print reads:

Bailey Glen Fern Studios, Bournemouth

The photo itself contains most of this information,

the name of the boat -Monarch which is also shown on the life

ring as is Weymouth, the date 16.9.26.

Most of the passengers look serious, perhaps they were feeling a little sea sick.

Lady & gentleman at a windmill

This small photograph ( 2 x 4 “) was bought from an antiques shop in Brick Lane, London on Bank Holiday Monday (27th May 2013).

The photograph has no information on the reverse although it seems that the couple have cycled to the windmill.

The details in this shot are interesting such as the ladies handbag at a jaunty angle and the bicycle wheels overlapping.


I bought this small photograph (just over 2 x 3 “) and a few others from Wolverhampton Books & Collectables

No message or information on the reverse of this one.

I love the details in this image; the boy standing directly in front of the man, the subjects being off centre,

the cigarette  and part of their reflection on the wet floor.

Lake and three figures

This Carte-de-visite is a bit of a mystery, I found it with others in an old book and can’t remember where or when I bought it.

The image doesn’t have any information regarding the photographer or the subjects but if you look carefully there are three figures in the distance sitting on a bridge.

Young man in his bathing costume

I bought this carte-de-visite from a camera fair in Wolverhampton, the photograph does not contain any other information but will probably date from around the turn of the 19th century.

It’s unusual for two reasons, the young man is in his bathing costume rather than more formal dress and it seems to have been taken outside rather than in a studio.

After watching the swimmers at the London 2012 Olympics this weekend it does seem that swimming costume have changed just a bit!

Three ladies and a gentleman

Bought at Dudley Car Boot sale a few weeks ago. This tin type photograph was heading for a landfill site before the gentleman I bought it from saved it.

This is the first tin type I have bought, it does not have any details of the photographer or the sitters.

The image has a wonderful softness to it and I like the lady’s bowler hat!

Dear Aunt & Cousin

A postcard bought from a car boot sale in Dudley. No date or post mark.

Dear Aunt & Cousin, I don’t suppose you will know who this is but it is

my Husband and myself. I hope you don’t get a shock hoping

you are all in the best of health.

Love to all from your Loving Niece Frances

My Dearest

Postcard bought a car boot near Dudley, no date.

The message reads: My Dearest, How are you keeping well.

Sorry for not writing before now but I will see you Saturday

Your love BDL

20th Feb 1929

Bought at a Car Boot Sale Near Dudley UK.

No message on the back just a date 20th Feb 1929. 

The photos are also pre-printed Auto Portraits which may have been an early photobooth.