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Guildford Bicycle Club Outing (Part 1)

This small photograph was found online (one of two, I will share the second soon…). There was no information on the reverse of the photo but the listing described them as ‘Guildford Bicycle Club 1950s‘. This image was my favorite because of the movement, smiles and shop fronts shown.

Smiling ladies at work

This 5×4″ photograph was found on ebay, no information on the reverse. Think it might be from the 1940s or 50s judging by the clothes. Almost all of the ladies are smiling and looking at the camera, even the lady in the far distance. I like the line of light reflected on the floor, the out of focus lady in the foreground and the solitary man in the distance.

Dear Mrs Fisher

I bought this postcard in a charity shop in Cheltenham a few months ago. It doesn’t have a postmark so must have been sent in an envelope. It reads ‘Dear Mrs Fisher, It was very kind of you to remember us this Christmas. This is a photo of the Morris dancers on club day. It is not very distinct because they were moving. I have put a mark under Alice for fear you can’t find her. Wishing you a very happy & prosperous new year with Love from Nellie‘ The movement in the photograph was what drew me to it, almost everyone in the image is out of focus!

Taken on the Telde

This postcard was found on a well known auction site and reads ‘Taken on the Telde on the way to Morocco. Observe her smile!!’ written vertically alongside the image. The postcard is only blue on the side of the image, I’m unsure if this was intentional or if the colour has transferred from another surface. The postmark is Bangor 8.15 pm July 15th 1901 and the address is Mrs Hunt, Ross Bank, Bare, Morecombe.

Toothless Mirth

My friend Sheila generously donated two albums to my collection. The image above is one of many documenting family life in Bessacarr, a surburb of Doncaster (although Shropshire is also featured). All the photographs have been meticulously mounted and titled; this one reads ‘Toothless Mirth’ and measures 4.25 x 3.25″. They family seem to be having fun, I’m not sure what the lady in the middle is balancing on! The photographs on this page of the album are dated 1918.

Garden Family Photo No1

This small photograph was bought with a handful of others from a car boot sale at Worfield (near Bridgnorth, Shropshire), the photos all show different members of the family in the same garden.

This one Measures 2.25 x 3.25″ and has no message on the reverse.

The young  lady has a beautiful face and the dog has managed to stayed still in a rather awkward position.

Five men and a bench


Postcard bought at a car boot sale earlier this summer.

No message on the reverse.

They are sporting a range of head wear.

Perhaps they sat on the bench every day to chat and watch the world go by?

H. J Burgess & Sons Fishmonger & Poulterer

Bought from an antiques fair  (I can’t remember which one!) the photograph measures just shy of 6 x 8″.

The only information on the reverse is the date – Sept 1906.

I like the lady standing inside the shop who hasn’t been asked to pose outside with the men but has still managed to sneak into the photograph.

I was unable to find any record of H.J. Burgess & Sons on the internet so if anyone knows more please let me know.

p.s. can you see the dog?

Two Ladies and a Vintage Car

two girls and a car


Small photograph (approx 2.5 x 3.5 inches) bought at a Car Boot Sale in Telford Shopping Centre a few weeks ago.

No further information on the back of this one. The photograph is a bit grainy which I like.

The fashions and car indicate that it was taken in the 1920’s or 30’s.

Ladies drinking tea

ladies drinking tea

A photograph mounted on card measuring just over 6 x 8 inches bought from Stafford Antique Fair yesterday from Jo who runs Hesta Nesta

The two western ladies dressed in traditional eastern clothing look as though they are enjoying tea and noodles in the far east.

No further information was contained on the back of the image.