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31 Mrs Eddershaw

I bought this postcard online, no information on the reverse but we have Mrs Eddershaw’s name and house number within the photograph. I liked the composition, the two couples & the chap at the top of the steps. The ladies and gentlemen also have matching shoes.

Young lady with hat and scarf


Photobooth image of a young lady in hat and scarf

I found this photograph on a well known auction site, the listing described it as 1920’s. The image measures 1.5 x 2″ and looks as though it is a photobooth image but could have been taken in a studio. I liked that the young lady is looking away from the camera, no information on the reverse.

Many thanks for the card

Many thanks for the card lady and dog front of house

I’m unsure where I picked up this postcard, it’s addressed to: Miss Foombs, Eveline House, Brandon. I was unable to find Eveline House, I believe Brandon is in Suffolk.

Message on reverse reads: Feb 11.2.11 Many thanks for card & good wishes. Yes: hour as you like Mrs Jackie Witheford Love from all M. W. & S.E.M. 

I thought this was outside the ladies house however the plaque on the wall reads Prudential Assurance so perhaps she worked there.

I like the movement in the dog’s head, he or she couldn’t remain still for the exposure time.


Two men in a boat

two men in a boat

This carte-de-viste (cdv) was bought at a vintage fair near Shrewsbury.

The photographer was T.Keig, Prospect Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Neither of the unidentified gentlemen seem to be very happy about having their photograph taken. This is the only cdv I have where the subjects are posing in a boat scene.

Profile of a Young Lady


Lady w m salmon

Cabinet Card bought from Kinver Antiques Fair. My eye was drawn to this image immediately, the soft focus around the edges, the foxing and the beautiful details on the dress. It was taken by W M Salmon of London Street, Reading; unfortunately no information on the young lady herself.

Two gents, a lady and a dog?

A postcard bought from Oswestry indoor market.

Two gentlemen, a lady and a dog or a cat? The animal looked to large to be a cat but I could be wrong.

No message on the reverse.

Mystery man and two ladies

This Cabinet Card was bought from a Photography Fair in Wolverhampton.

The card doesn’t provide any information on the sitter or the photographer unfortunately.

The gentleman’s pose makes it look as though he is a prisoner of some kind and his clothes look as though he might be in the armed forces.

Sally as girl

Gent and girl in doorway

This small photograph (4×3″) was bought from a kind gentleman at a car boot sale recently who saves old images for me.

Although much of the image is out of focus, it has a few tears/stains and has seen better days I couldn’t resist it. I also thought it might end up in the bin if I didn’t save it!

The message on the back doesn’t make much sense and looks as though a child has written it (perhaps the girl in the photo?).

It reads Sally as girl me this one (plus a final word I can’t decipher!).

p.s. Can you see the third person in the photograph?

Handwriting on the reverse.


Small photograph held in a silver frame, bought from a car boot sale. I wasn’t sure at first whether the subject was a lady or a gent. Is she a nun? The sun is reflecting off the cross round her neck. No information on the reverse this time.

Three ladies and a gentleman

Bought at Dudley Car Boot sale a few weeks ago. This tin type photograph was heading for a landfill site before the gentleman I bought it from saved it.

This is the first tin type I have bought, it does not have any details of the photographer or the sitters.

The image has a wonderful softness to it and I like the lady’s bowler hat!