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Photobooth Lady & Gent

photobooth lady and gent

Photobooth image of a lady and gentleman. No information on the reverse of this photograph. Unusual as neither are looking directly at the camera.

Marvellous Moustache

I better post this photograph before November (or rather Movember) comes to an end. I haven’t taken part in the event this year and have missed the smiles but not the itching!

Carte-de-visite photograph by J.Hartmann, Kappeln, Germany. The image has a beautiful gold on black design on the reverse. No further information on the subject.

Moustached Gent No 1371

This tiny photograph is no bigger than a postage stamp, I can’t remember where I bought this one.

It looks to be approximately 100 years old and I think the number reads 1371.

I thought it might be a mugshot but it’s a little too flattering for that!

Barry Island Photobooth No3

The 3rd and final photobooth image from Barry Island measures 1.5 x 3.25″.

I wouldn’t like to cross this chap, he looks like a character from a spy film!

Link to images 1 and 2

Five men and a bench


Postcard bought at a car boot sale earlier this summer.

No message on the reverse.

They are sporting a range of head wear.

Perhaps they sat on the bench every day to chat and watch the world go by?

Barry Island Photobooth No1

Barry island 1

This tiny Photobooth image (1.5 x 3.25″)  was bought at Wolverhampton Camera Fair last weekend with two others.

No information on the reverse although the front of the photograph provides the date – June 10th 1935, the location – Barry Island and the weight of the sitter 18 stone and 2 pounds (although the gentleman in the photo looks quite slim!).

I haven’t seen photobooth/seaside images with the sitters weight included, perhaps someone else can tell me more…

Bradford Grammar School Staff

This  8x 6 inch framed photograph was found at a car boot sale in my home town of Wellington, Shropshire.

The back of the reads:

Bradford Grammar School Staff July 1939

The Photographer’s name is signed on the front Walter Scott Bradford.

The front row must have been asked to polish their (identical) shoes as they are gleaming.

Coiffed Hair and Mo to Match

Cabinet card bought at a camera fair in Wolverhampton.

My final post for the month of Movember.

This chap has a wonderful moustache and a hair style which mirrors his mo style!

The photographer was Virgil Whalley, 352 Leeds Road, Nelson.

My work mates and I have raised over £400 so far, day  1-21 of my progress can be seen on YouTube.

Now that’s what I call a moustache


Bought from an Antiques Fair at Stafford Showground yesterday, this carte de visite was taken by

A & G Taylor, 70 & 78 Queen Victoria Street, 129 Fenchurch Street & Forest Lodge, London Road, Forest Hill, London.

I’m well in to my second week of Movember but I can only dream of a moustache like this one, it’s a beauty!


Turn of the Century Teddyboy

Scanned from a carte-de-visite which I bought this morning at a camera fair at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton.

The reverse of the card reads:  J T Mathias, Fato Prudentia Major,  Jeweller & Photographer, Cardigan. Copies can be had on application.

Although I searched the internet I was unable to obtain an accurate translation of the phrase above.

This chaps hairstyle and beard are fantastic, his hairstyle reminded me of the Teddy boys.