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Dear Mrs Fisher

I bought this postcard in a charity shop in Cheltenham a few months ago. It doesn’t have a postmark so must have been sent in an envelope. It reads ‘Dear Mrs Fisher, It was very kind of you to remember us this Christmas. This is a photo of the Morris dancers on club day. It is not very distinct because they were moving. I have put a mark under Alice for fear you can’t find her. Wishing you a very happy & prosperous new year with Love from Nellie‘ The movement in the photograph was what drew me to it, almost everyone in the image is out of focus!

Toothless Mirth

My friend Sheila generously donated two albums to my collection. The image above is one of many documenting family life in Bessacarr, a surburb of Doncaster (although Shropshire is also featured). All the photographs have been meticulously mounted and titled; this one reads ‘Toothless Mirth’ and measures 4.25 x 3.25″. They family seem to be having fun, I’m not sure what the lady in the middle is balancing on! The photographs on this page of the album are dated 1918.

Dear Old Pal

I bought this postcard from a car boot but I can’t remember which one. It has taken some deciphering with help from my Mum. The message on the reverse is long, with very little punctuation. Some, but not all of it makes sense!

It is post marked Bishops Castle (in Shropshire, England near where I live) 6.45pm Sept 11 1911. It is addressed to A.Benbow Police Station, Burslem, Stoke on Trent. The flower show mentioned must be the Shrewsbury flower show which has been running for over a century.

Dear Old pal, hoping these few lines will find you well as it leaves me alright at present and also thanking you for good food think it is a good one of you it looks a smart chap but if they knew him as well as I do they would know a bit too much of him. I have not seen old Lil for a long time not since the coronation I never saw you at the flower show when you come again the Parson will be here there’s one thing if we don’t hear much up to BG he will hear plenty her it is getting more likes if every day are you next week for water for there is none here a drop in at the public where there will always wants. What say you I did not your name at the sports at 8 yours I don’t think.

31 Mrs Eddershaw

I bought this postcard online, no information on the reverse but we have Mrs Eddershaw’s name and house number within the photograph. I liked the composition, the two couples & the chap at the top of the steps. The ladies and gentlemen also have matching shoes.

Old school social distancing

Social distancing old school

I bought this postcard a few years ago, sadly no information on the back of the postcard.  Their distance from each other is unusual but topical. Perhaps neighbours and not relatives which would explain the distance, the two doors on the photograph could be to separate properties.

Ajaccio July 31

Ajaccio July 31

The crate digging has been paused because of the Covid-19 crisis so this postcard was found through virtual digging on ebay. It was delivered by one of our key workers from the Royal Mail together with three other images to follow… A simple but beautifully posed image; on the reverse, written in a stylish hand is the location and date the photograph was taken Ajaccio July 31. I think the gentleman is holding a pipe in his hand.

Big smiles next to the flash car

Big smiles next to the motor

Original photo measuring 5.25″ x 3.5″ bought from ebay in 2019.  No information on the reverse but they are dressed in their best clothes and smiling for the camera. I liked the ladies high waisted trousers and head scarfs, very stylish. The building behind them looks like it could be a church. I hope the image cheers you up at such a sad time for the world, take care from Richard : )

Family and their horse

Family Horse

I bought this postcard yesterday from a table top sale in my home town of Wellington,  Telford. I sorted through hundreds of cards and chose this one because the position of the people seemed so unusual. Are showing how proud they are of their horse or perhaps ownership of a horse was a status symbol? There was no information on the other side of the card to give me any clues.

Two gentlemen and their bicycles

two men and their bicycles_0001

I found these two gentlemen on ebay and bought their photograph earlier this week. I did have to lighten the image as the original was very dark. The photograph measures  4 x 3″ but sadly does not tell us who they are. Their bicycles look well maintained, perhaps this was their first outing? They don’t need bicycle clips as they have chain guards on their bicycles, something we rarely see these days.

From Doris & Will

From Doris & Will

This postcard reads ‘To Sidney From Doris & Will, taken July 29 1918’. I can’t remember where I found this one but I have been waiting a while to post it. The image was taken exactly 100 years ago to the day. The flower girl standing to the right of the bride looks very proud to be there.