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Profile of a Young Lady


Lady w m salmon

Cabinet Card bought from Kinver Antiques Fair. My eye was drawn to this image immediately, the soft focus around the edges, the foxing and the beautiful details on the dress. It was taken by W M Salmon of London Street, Reading; unfortunately no information on the young lady herself.

Sally as girl

Gent and girl in doorway

This small photograph (4×3″) was bought from a kind gentleman at a car boot sale recently who saves old images for me.

Although much of the image is out of focus, it has a few tears/stains and has seen better days I couldn’t resist it. I also thought it might end up in the bin if I didn’t save it!

The message on the back doesn’t make much sense and looks as though a child has written it (perhaps the girl in the photo?).

It reads Sally as girl me this one (plus a final word I can’t decipher!).

p.s. Can you see the third person in the photograph?

Handwriting on the reverse.

H. J Burgess & Sons Fishmonger & Poulterer

Bought from an antiques fair  (I can’t remember which one!) the photograph measures just shy of 6 x 8″.

The only information on the reverse is the date – Sept 1906.

I like the lady standing inside the shop who hasn’t been asked to pose outside with the men but has still managed to sneak into the photograph.

I was unable to find any record of H.J. Burgess & Sons on the internet so if anyone knows more please let me know.

p.s. can you see the dog?

Ladies drinking tea

ladies drinking tea

A photograph mounted on card measuring just over 6 x 8 inches bought from Stafford Antique Fair yesterday from Jo who runs Hesta Nesta

The two western ladies dressed in traditional eastern clothing look as though they are enjoying tea and noodles in the far east.

No further information was contained on the back of the image.


I bought this small photograph (just over 2 x 3 “) and a few others from Wolverhampton Books & Collectables

No message or information on the reverse of this one.

I love the details in this image; the boy standing directly in front of the man, the subjects being off centre,

the cigarette  and part of their reflection on the wet floor.

I’m twenty one to-day

Postcard bought from an antique fair in Stafford with a collection of other photos.

This image was instantly my favourite and the message on the reverse was a bonus:

“I’m twenty one to-day.”

I wonder which of these ladies was celebrating her Birthday?


Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth


I bought  this postcard from Oswestry at the same time as the gents in a boat I posted a few weeks ago wouldham 1932

I’m unsure if they are the same group of gentlemen but this is one of my recent favourites as they all look so happy with their bikes!

The reverse of this postcard has more information and reads: Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth

‘Aggy’ Weston-‘Mash’ Evans-‘Snerge’ Prince- ‘Hank’ Cottingham-‘Pony’ Moore-Self “Ruby’ Redlar-‘James’Whitmey

Aldershot to Weymouth is well over 100 miles so these chaps must have been fit!


The Two Joans

This image which measures 2″x 2.5″ was bought at an Antiques Fair near Stafford last weekend along with many others.

The two ladies in the photograph appear to have signed their names on the back Joan Plowman & Joan Bagby.

This probably would have been taken by a street photographer as it has a reference number on the right of the image (I left the number out of the scan).

The people in the background are almost as interesting as these two young ladies; the gentleman in the cap, the lady partly obscured directly behind them and the people in the far distance walking away.

I would say the image is 20’s/30’s judging by the fashions.

Young woman in prayer

A beautiful but unusual portrait bought from an Antiques Fair in Stafford.

No further information on the photograph.

Lady & her Daughter from my home town

Carte-de-visite photograph purchased from an ebay trader last week.

This portrait of Mother and Daughter  was taken by a local Photographer in my home town of Wellington, Shropshire (or Salop as it was known when this portrait was taken).

The front of the card reads: J.Laing, Photo, Wellington Salop.

The reverse reads: J. Laing Artist & Photographer – Castle Street Shrewsbury and 3 Queen Street Wellington, Salop.

I wonder if this lady or her daughter knew my ancestors?