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Month: November, 2011

With Love from Mrs Teall

Postcard bought at a flea market and scanned

It reads with love from Mrs Teall

There is a bag on the floor next to the young woman and with best wishes is shown on the bottom left of the card

Married Feb 3 1915

Found at a car boot sale and scanned.

All this one says is Married Feb 3 1915

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Old postcard found at a car boot sale, no message.

Lady feeding the birds

Scanned from an old postcard bought at a car boot sale, no message on the back.

Dear Will

man peeling spuds

Man peeling spuds victorian postcard bought at a car boot sale, dated Mar 24 1915. The postcard read: Dear Will Just a word or two to know how you are getting on, if it is only to say all’s well. Kind love A Hollis

Dear May

two ladies and a cat  outside house

Postcard bought at a boot sale and scanned to share. Dated 1913 the message reads: Dear May, what do you think of us.Pusy in my arms. but she wanted to bolt. Love to the chicks & hope you colds all better Love from Cece

Sunday Best

victorian cyclists

Victorian cabinet card bought at a flea market scanned and touched up  
no message on the reverse

Dear G

couple posing 1914

Old postcard, bought at a car boot sale. Message is dated 18th April 1914, beautiful handwriting but very difficult to read  ”Dear G another new suit its simply grand today, I wish I had somewhere to go? London would do fine, just had 2 more laid so I have had the memories. Waiting for my letter tomorrow. Hope you are alright dear to start Monday Just done some more training + I find extra ta ta Love to all Willie x