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Smiling ladies at work

This 5×4″ photograph was found on ebay, no information on the reverse. Think it might be from the 1940s or 50s judging by the clothes. Almost all of the ladies are smiling and looking at the camera, even the lady in the far distance. I like the line of light reflected on the floor, the out of focus lady in the foreground and the solitary man in the distance.

General Store Window

I bought this photograph from an antiques centre in Whitchurch, Shropshire. It measures 5 x 3.5 ” and is printed on Kodak paper but doesn’t have any information on the reverse relating to the subjects. As you can see the shadows in the image are very dark (I try not to adjust the images I find too much). I did try to read the sign above the door by changing the contrast in Photoshop but could only read the second of two words which was ‘Right’. The photograph itself contains a lot of information, the prices are before decimalisation (1971), the sign written window tells you that they have bananas (which can also be seen in the doorway), pineapple, a range of potatoes, grapes, eggs, oranges, fish and lettuce.

Me & the sewing girls boy

Me & The Sewing Girls Boy

This small photograph was bought from a car boot sale near Dudley, West Midlands a few years ago. It measures just over 2 x 3″ and is printed on Gevaert paper. The seller thought it was taken during the 2nd World War. The reverse reads in pencil ‘Me & the sewing girls boy Wiwg Wah’ I have been unable to find Wiwg Wah, it could be a misspelling. The details of the photograph are interesting, the boy without his shoes and his jumper slanting down at the bottom.

Big smiles next to the flash car

Big smiles next to the motor

Original photo measuring 5.25″ x 3.5″ bought from ebay in 2019.  No information on the reverse but they are dressed in their best clothes and smiling for the camera. I liked the ladies high waisted trousers and head scarfs, very stylish. The building behind them looks like it could be a church. I hope the image cheers you up at such a sad time for the world, take care from Richard : )

Marnie & Robbie in their drawing-room

Marnie and Robbie in their drawing-room

Another image from the stray shots album. This time Marnie & Robbie in their drawing-room. Although the image is bleached out on the left, it shows some details of the family from the objects around them  in their drawing room. Marnie seems to be holding papers or postcards.

Fred & his Daughter Marnie

Fred and his Daughter Marnie

This photograph is part of an album found in the wonderful Nightingale House Hospice shop in Whitchurch, Shropshire. The photographs within the album are taken in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1894, the title of this one is handwritten below Fred & his Daughter Marnie. The cover of the album told me when the photographs were taken, see image below. I love the title of the album, I will post some of the other stray shots soon…

Stray Shots


Two gentlemen and their bicycles

two men and their bicycles_0001

I found these two gentlemen on ebay and bought their photograph earlier this week. I did have to lighten the image as the original was very dark. The photograph measures  4 x 3″ but sadly does not tell us who they are. Their bicycles look well maintained, perhaps this was their first outing? They don’t need bicycle clips as they have chain guards on their bicycles, something we rarely see these days.

Cheap Jack’s Calcutta

Cheap jacks

This small photograph (2.25″ x 3.25″) was lodged in between a pile of postcards in a Shropshire antiques shop. It looks as though Cheap Jack was using photographs as a business card to advertise his studio and stores in Salboni, Midnapore, Calcutta. The reverse of the image has Cheap Jack & Co stamped on it.  Unfortunately I could not find any record of Cheap Jack’s online.

Ida snapped this ….

Ida Snapped this...

This small photograph 4.25 x 2.5 ” was found in Shropshire antique shop. Although the composition could be improved the image tells a story of a family outing. The car and the girls pose reminded me of the film Bugsy Malone.

The reverse reads ‘Ida snapped this between Blackpool and Lancaster April 1931’.

Wisteria Cottage, Colemere

Wisteria Cottage Colemere

This small photograph (3.25 x 2.25″) was discovered in a Shropshire antique shop. The back reads ‘Joan’s Grandmother Georgia Smith and daughter Eileen at Wisteria Cottage Colemere’ Colemere is a small village in Shropshire close to my home. Eileen seems to be having fun feeding the birds watched by Georgia. I was unable to trace the car/ number plate. Although very little in the image is in focus I thought it was interesting enough to share with you.