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Month: September, 2014

St John Ambulance Association

Pre 1900 cabinet card featuring the St John Ambulance volunteers.

I have been unable to locate the place name on the stretcher as two letters are covered by the wheel reading St John Ambulance Association **hornill.

The card was part of an album bought at Oswestry Antique Fair, the other cards are from the Wakefield area and I have been unable to locate a place name which matches. The card may have been from another album and added to the Wakefield images.

This image will soon be owned by another, I sold it to pay for the remaining images. A decision I am already starting to regret!

Moustached Gent No 1371

This tiny photograph is no bigger than a postage stamp, I can’t remember where I bought this one.

It looks to be approximately 100 years old and I think the number reads 1371.

I thought it might be a mugshot but it’s a little too flattering for that!

Kippax Kippax

Postcard bought at a Car Boot Sale nr Worfield, I loved this image immediately.

The bleached out area to the right makes it look quite mysterious and the poem on the reverse is beautiful.

Kippax, Kippax, the home of my youth, why sigh for other worlds when there’s such a place as Kippax.

Hope you are all well.  Divine

It is addressed to Mrs Ralcliffe, New Street, Kippax, Nr Leeds.

The postcard is dated 8.30pm June 16 1905 (Halifax).