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Month: March, 2012

Dear Aunt & Cousin

A postcard bought from a car boot sale in Dudley. No date or post mark.

Dear Aunt & Cousin, I don’t suppose you will know who this is but it is

my Husband and myself. I hope you don’t get a shock hoping

you are all in the best of health.

Love to all from your Loving Niece Frances

Family photo in the yard

Scanned from a postcard bought at Spitalfields Market, London.

The message doesn’t seem to have been written at the time the photograph was taken but at a much later date by a relative.

Aunt Jenny standing on the right, Uncle Genas (usually called ‘Gene’) sitting:

when they lived at Layer-De-La-Haye. Genas was brother to Grandfather Haynes.

The composition of the photograph is great and the pets have been included in this wonderful family portrait.