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Month: March, 2013

Lake and three figures

This Carte-de-visite is a bit of a mystery, I found it with others in an old book and can’t remember where or when I bought it.

The image doesn’t have any information regarding the photographer or the subjects but if you look carefully there are three figures in the distance sitting on a bridge.

Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth


I bought  this postcard from Oswestry at the same time as the gents in a boat I posted a few weeks ago wouldham 1932

I’m unsure if they are the same group of gentlemen but this is one of my recent favourites as they all look so happy with their bikes!

The reverse of this postcard has more information and reads: Horndean 1935 – Cycled Aldershot to Weymouth

‘Aggy’ Weston-‘Mash’ Evans-‘Snerge’ Prince- ‘Hank’ Cottingham-‘Pony’ Moore-Self “Ruby’ Redlar-‘James’Whitmey

Aldershot to Weymouth is well over 100 miles so these chaps must have been fit!