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Breathing new life into lost photographs

Young lady with hat and scarf


Photobooth image of a young lady in hat and scarf

I found this photograph on a well known auction site, the listing described it as 1920’s. The image measures 1.5 x 2″ and looks as though it is a photobooth image but could have been taken in a studio. I liked that the young lady is looking away from the camera, no information on the reverse.

An outdoor photographer’s studio

An outdoor Photographer's studio

This photograph or rather photographs arrived in the post yesterday, I bought them on a well known auction site. The print  measures 5 x 2″ and the reverse provides detailed information on the location, photographer, camera, exposure, even the film and paper.

The only challenge was the handwriting which is beautiful but needed to be deciphered. I’m unsure if the photographer’s surname or the film name are correct or not. I thought the images looked American so searched state names to discover the location was Snyder, Texas. It has been taken on a stereo camera which is why there are two images.

An outdoor photographer’s studio on a vacant let in Snyder, Texas Negative by Ewald Stiaach, a good stereo friend of mine. Rolleidoscope camera and plus x film f16 – 1/20 sec (very poor paper for stereo, outdated, fogged etc. etc )

The photographs look like a feature film set to me, the subjects are oblivious to the camera, looking away, I also liked the handpainted advert.

The online listing dates the photograph as 1928 although this isn’t written on the reverse.

Malvern Ladies

Fancy Dress Ladies 1

I bought this large (13 x 7″) cabinet type card from a car boot sale several years ago, it had suffered some damage with a crack running vertically through the middle of the image and a corner missing from the card. The photographer’s name is printed on the card Norman May & Co Ltd Malvern. According to Angus and Rosemary’s blog Norman May died 19th June 1889 (aged only 37) which helps to date the image. Although it is a formal photograph I liked that it was taken outside and a few of the girls have moved during the exposure causing a little blur. Perhaps it was a summer fair? Sadly no information on the reverse.

Four Men, a driver and dog

Four men, a driver and a dog

Another postcard found and purchased online, no information on the back of the card. The photograph is posed but not in a formal way and the dog is doing it’s own thing. The shadows of the car wheels, bicycle, house and the mysterious driver all add to the image. It looked American to me when I first saw it but I’m not sure. The number plate might provide clues to the location, there are smaller numbers to the left of the main number plate (they looked like 1908 to me under a loop) and a symbol or crest of some kind. It isn’t an early British number plate as they started with letters followed by numbers. US plates vary from state to state but this could be American as they often had symbols to identify the state.

Old school social distancing

Social distancing old school

I bought this postcard a few years ago, sadly no information on the back of the postcard.  Their distance from each other is unusual but topical. Perhaps neighbours and not relatives which would explain the distance, the two doors on the photograph could be to separate properties.

Me & the sewing girls boy

Me & The Sewing Girls Boy

This small photograph was bought from a car boot sale near Dudley, West Midlands a few years ago. It measures just over 2 x 3″ and is printed on Gevaert paper. The seller thought it was taken during the 2nd World War. The reverse reads in pencil ‘Me & the sewing girls boy Wiwg Wah’ I have been unable to find Wiwg Wah, it could be a misspelling. The details of the photograph are interesting, the boy without his shoes and his jumper slanting down at the bottom.

To Mother & Dad

To Mother & Dad

I can’t remember where I found this postcard but it made me smile. We are unable to visit the seaside at the moment, staying safely at home because of Covid19, so I thought I would bring the seaside to you. I liked the informality of this family portrait, the deck chair caught by the wind and everything else going on in the background of this image. It was taken in Teignmouth by Holiday Snaps and simply reads To Mother & Dad Aug 21/8/30.

Ajaccio July 31

Ajaccio July 31

The crate digging has been paused because of the Covid-19 crisis so this postcard was found through virtual digging on ebay. It was delivered by one of our key workers from the Royal Mail together with three other images to follow… A simple but beautifully posed image; on the reverse, written in a stylish hand is the location and date the photograph was taken Ajaccio July 31. I think the gentleman is holding a pipe in his hand.

Big smiles next to the flash car

Big smiles next to the motor

Original photo measuring 5.25″ x 3.5″ bought from ebay in 2019.  No information on the reverse but they are dressed in their best clothes and smiling for the camera. I liked the ladies high waisted trousers and head scarfs, very stylish. The building behind them looks like it could be a church. I hope the image cheers you up at such a sad time for the world, take care from Richard : )

Family and their horse

Family Horse

I bought this postcard yesterday from a table top sale in my home town of Wellington,  Telford. I sorted through hundreds of cards and chose this one because the position of the people seemed so unusual. Are showing how proud they are of their horse or perhaps ownership of a horse was a status symbol? There was no information on the other side of the card to give me any clues.