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Going Away Part II

The second of two photographs, the reverse of this one reads ‘Eastuary (or Easting) Lodge & car – going away Feb 6th 1934.

The photographer was lucky enough to frame the lady waving within the car window.

Going Away

This small photograph (approx 2 x 3 inches) was bought at a flea market near Shrewsbury a few weeks ago.

The reverse reads ‘Price and Stace Seefden “going away” Feb 6th 1934’

Price looks much happier than Stace!

I liked the image because one of them is in, the other out of focus.

The photo is one of pair, the other shows the car they went away in, I will post that one soon…

Two gents, a lady and a dog?

A postcard bought from Oswestry indoor market.

Two gentlemen, a lady and a dog or a cat? The animal looked to large to be a cat but I could be wrong.

No message on the reverse.

Paris Rue Royale

This postcard tells us the location but doesn’t provide any information on the subjects .

I bought the card at a car boot sale in Wellington, Shropshire from the same gentleman who sold me the photo booth image in my last post.

The cars help to date the photograph which looks as though it was taken in the 1920s – 1930s.

There is a lot going on, the man on a bicycle near the centre, the lady with her handbag at the left hand edge of the image, please let me know what you have spotted …

Two ladies and a Photo Booth

This set of photographs was kindly kept for me by a smallholder at my local car boot sale.

He knows that I collect old photographs and had hung onto this set from last year.

No information on the reverse but they had fun, back then the Photo Booths took four different images.

Judging by the clothes I would say the photographs date from the 1960s or 70s.

The two ladies look alike, perhaps they were  mother and daughter?

Mystery man and two ladies

This Cabinet Card was bought from a Photography Fair in Wolverhampton.

The card doesn’t provide any information on the sitter or the photographer unfortunately.

The gentleman’s pose makes it look as though he is a prisoner of some kind and his clothes look as though he might be in the armed forces.

Edward on his 90th Birthday

This Carte-de-visite photograph is unusual as it provides plenty of information on the sitter, the date taken and the Photographer.

It was taken by Joseph Norris Photographer & Artist, 5 Union Passage, Birmingham.

It is dated 27th May 1875 and the reverse reads: Edward (surname unintelligible) taken on his 90th birthday, born May 27th 1785, died december 16th 1880.

It has an additional note which reads: sent back from Canada by friend 1936 Mr Buck.

One man and his cat

Man and shoulder cat

A postcard bought from an Antiques Fair in Kinver, Staffordshire. The card shows a rather proud looking man with a cat perched on his shoulder.

No further information on the reverse of this card.

Christmas Past

window christmas

This small photograph (approx 5.3/4x 3.1/4 inches) was bought from a car boot in my home town of Wellington, Shropshire.

The image shows a young boy? and his older relative looking at a Christmas display. Can you see the other gentleman in the reflection?

No information on the reverse of this one.

I think the car outside is a Ford Anglia.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed and commented on the photographs shared in this blog.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Marvellous Moustache

I better post this photograph before November (or rather Movember) comes to an end. I haven’t taken part in the event this year and have missed the smiles but not the itching!

Carte-de-visite photograph by J.Hartmann, Kappeln, Germany. The image has a beautiful gold on black design on the reverse. No further information on the subject.


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