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Breathing new life into lost photographs

This is a glimpse…

This is a glimpse

I found this postcard yesterday at an Antique Centre in Gloucestershire, England. The message on the back is beautiful handwritten and reads ‘This is a glimpse of our bathing. Yours Truly Stan’. The reason I selected this photograph from the hundreds I looked at  was that there is so much going on, some of the people are out of focus, fooling around, smiling and having fun.


Photography in Swimsuit

Photography in swimsuitI’m unsure where I found this postcard, it has a reference just out of shot of the scan so was probably taken by a seaside photographer and sold to the sitter. No information on the reverse of this postcard. The man taking the photograph seems to be concentrating and seems unaware of having his own picture taken. It is one of only a few photographs in my collection featuring photographers being photographed.

Two gentlemen and their bicycles

two men and their bicycles_0001

I found these two gentlemen on ebay and bought their photograph earlier this week. I did have to lighten the image as the original was very dark. The photograph measures  4 x 3″ but sadly does not tell us who they are. Their bicycles look well maintained, perhaps this was their first outing? They don’t need bicycle clips as they have chain guards on their bicycles, something we rarely see these days.

Many thanks for the card

Many thanks for the card lady and dog front of house

I’m unsure where I picked up this postcard, it’s addressed to: Miss Foombs, Eveline House, Brandon. I was unable to find Eveline House, I believe Brandon is in Suffolk.

Message on reverse reads: Feb 11.2.11 Many thanks for card & good wishes. Yes: hour as you like Mrs Jackie Witheford Love from all M. W. & S.E.M. 

I thought this was outside the ladies house however the plaque on the wall reads Prudential Assurance so perhaps she worked there.

I like the movement in the dog’s head, he or she couldn’t remain still for the exposure time.


Rev G and Mrs Leese’s Christmas Greetings

Rev G

Apologies, I haven’t posted for a while. This cabinet card measures 6.25 x 4.25 “, I can’t remember where I found this one. No information on the reverse although the front of this foxed image tells us the sitter and photographer’s names.

I couldn’t trace Rev G/Mrs Leese although S.K. Lawton & Co Photo seems to match the approximate age of this photograph and was probably taken in Sri Lanka.

Winter tree and two gentlemen

two men and a tree.jpg

This image is one of twenty large glass negatives bought at a car boot sale in Wellington several years ago, the box cost me £10 so I am more than happy with the 50p I spent on this one! The glass negative measures 6.5 x 8.5″.  I did scan the image which produced a  very dark image. The image shown was photographed using a lightbox, digital SLR and a tripod and  inverted using photoshop. Judging by the other photographs which show a large stately home in the countryside the gentleman on the right might have been the home owner and the gentleman on the left looks like the gamekeeper. Sadly the box had no further information regarding the people shown in the photographs.

From Doris & Will

From Doris & Will

This postcard reads ‘To Sidney From Doris & Will, taken July 29 1918’. I can’t remember where I found this one but I have been waiting a while to post it. The image was taken exactly 100 years ago to the day. The flower girl standing to the right of the bride looks very proud to be there.

Young Lady & Her Cat

young lady and her cat_0001

This postcard dropped through my letterbox this morning, I bought it from ebay at the weekend. No information on the sitter or the cats name but I thought it was a lovely image.

Colley’s Music Stores

Colley's Store

This small photograph (2.25 x 3.25″) was found at an antiques fair. It looks as though many of the people shown in the photograph were employed on the buses. I’m not sure where Colley’s Music Store was/is, perhaps you know?

Thank you to Katherine Griffiths who found Colley’s Music Store in an old newspaper. Following Katherine’s lead I found an advert in the British newspaper archives, the store was having a closing down sale shown in the Daily Mail on April 10th 1933. The address of the store was also shown 59 Anlaby Road, Hull. 

Waycotts Corner

Waycott's Corner.jpg

Another car boot find, this postcard is unusual in that the message on the reverse is considerably more recent than the card itself, it reads: ‘12-11-95 Dearest Mother – I thought this picture of Waycotts Corner years before the fire might be a small reminder of the Victoria Street you once knew. How long ago? I have no idea as there is no date and no Peter Tully to ask…from the clothes and band uniforms it must be very long ago. I hope you like it much love David.’

Judging by the crown decorations above the street this might have been a Coronation party or Jubilee celebration.

I was unable to find Waycotts Corner and there are numerous Victoria Streets, perhaps you know where it is?

After a little more research I found Waycotts Corner, it’s in Paignton, Devon.