lost and found

Breathing new life into lost photographs

By the river

By the river

This postcard was found in an antique shop in Bridport, Dorset. The composition is beautiful with the scene framed by the trees above; the four people look as though they have been posed looking away from the camera and told to stand very still!


Military Band

Military Band

I found this postcard in a local antique shop. No information on the reverse of the card but the drum shown in the centre reads British Legion Military Band. The expressions of the musicians range from happy to sad!

Wisteria Cottage, Colemere

Wisteria Cottage Colemere

This small photograph (3.25 x 2.25″) was discovered in a Shropshire antique shop. The back reads ‘Joan’s Grandmother Georgia Smith and daughter Eileen at Wisteria Cottage Colemere’ Colemere is a small village in Shropshire close to my home. Eileen seems to be having fun feeding the birds watched by Georgia. I was unable to trace the car/ number plate. Although very little in the image is in focus I thought it was interesting enough to share with you.

Meal time at Port Arthur

meal time Port arthur

I found this postcard in an antique shop in Lyme Regis a few weeks ago. No message on the reverse except the Studio name. Roger’s Studio Phone 1125, 32 Cumberland St S, Port Arthur. No one seems to be looking at the camera, perhaps that’s because they are ravenous?! Cumberland Street South in Port Arthur, Ontario still exists so at least we know where the photograph was taken.

Spot the ball and the man

you can see me football 1

This photograph (measuring 5.25 x 3.5″) was found in a Shropshire antique shop. The reverse reads ‘You can see me first over the ink dot’. The ink dot is clear enough in the centre of the photograph. I’m not sure of the location although the majority of the  spectators are in uniform and the background looks like a dock so perhaps they are sailors. The ball seems to be in the air above the industrial building towards the centre.

Family picnic


Another Shropshire antique shop find, this photograph measures 3 1/4 x 5 1/4. No information on the reverse. A wonderful image capturing a family outing complete with the gentleman in his bed. There is a lot going, the ladies sitting back to back, the young man smoking his pipe and the man lying down (bottom right).


Guinea pigs in the backyard

bromley cross bolton

I bought this small postcard from Shrewsbury car boot sale a few weeks ago. The reverse of the card reads Bromley Cross, Bolton Aug 1914 sadly no information relating to the boy & girl featured. They seem to have been dressed in their Sunday best for a picture with their pet guinea pigs!

Move Day

move day 1

I bought this small photograph (2 x 3″) from a regular contact at Shrewsbury car boot sale a few weeks ago. The information with this photograph reads ‘Move day New Town family 1930’s’. It’s a bit faded around the edges but it tells a story and there are a few clues to the location. The sign on the right reads ‘farmers’ although I have been unable to read the text on the building itself. Look how smart they all look, perhaps they were trying to make a good impression on their new neighbours!

Villagers Dancing

villagers dancingAnother find from an antique fair, the photograph measures 3.5 x 2.5″.  The reverse reads ‘Villagers dancing Tintagel Sept 1928′ . The lady in the foreground dominates this image and seems to be walking with the stick. I loved the composition and the movement of the dancers. It’s another photo where the more you look around the more you spot!

Waiting for the driver…

Waititng for the driver

This small photograph (3 x 4″) was bought from an antiques shop in Shropshire a few weeks ago. The only information on the reverse is the print type ‘Rose Magna Print’ which I believe were produced during the 1940’s. Although much of the image is out of focus I was drawn to the unusual pose of the young lady with her head poking out of the window. The photograph captures alot, the more you look around the more you spot e.g. the mans shoes creeping in from the left edge and the chemist at the top of the image. I thought this was a wedding photograph but I might be wrong. Some detective work from the car registration told me that the car is a 1939 MG 1292cc in Green which also helps to date the photograph.